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What we Cork Computers do for you?

Virus Removal in CorkVirus, Malware & Spyware Removal:

The Internet today is proliferated with thousands of websites that infect your machine with viruses, ad software (Adware) and tracking/spying software (Spyware). These sites are usually entertaining or “FUN” sites that are “FREE”. They bait you to their websites and then install software onto your computer behind your back. If you can’t figure out how a website makes money, then you have to suspect that website as being a bad website
Soon, you’ll notice many popups showing you ads for products you don’t want. Sometimes once you get one of these adware programs on your computer, it downloads additional programs onto your PC and you keep getting more & more ads. Eventually your computer slows to a crawl and the Internet may stop working altogether.
Other sites install viruses on your computer that steal your personal information. Infected “FUN” e-mails can do the same thing.
Cork Computers technicians are experts in removing Adware, Spyware and viruses from your computer.

In Home Computer Repair:

Cork Computers offers excellent computer repair right in your home for most problems. If the operating system needs to be fully restored from scratch, then we will take the machine into our shop. We are Comp TIA A+ certified for PC repairs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Conflicts Resolved:

PC / Laptop  repairs in CorkDo you constantly have error messages? Does your computer crash often? Does it get sluggish after using it for a while? We can solve these problems for you. Many times loading one program can cause conflicts with other programs. We’ll identify the offending software.

Settings Tweaked:

Some programs often load unneeded items onto your computer and many programs have useless features that load at startup. Some machines are so bogged down by these programs running in the background that there’s little resources left available for your main programs.

Software Installation:

We can install any of your software including games, office applications, video editing, etc.

Hardware Upgrades:

Whether you have a modem, Cable or DSL, we can get you up and running on the Internet in no time. We also setup wired & wireless routers & network cards. We can configure your mail accounts for you as well as set up Firewalls and Anti-Virus software.

Network Setup:

Do you have 2 or more computers that you want to share files with. Are you afraid you could lose your important data. Let us show you how you can network the machines together and automatically backup important documents, spreadsheets, Quicken files and Multimedia files across your network. You can also share Printers and an Internet connection among all of your computers. Do you need a wireless network? No problem, we’ll have you up and browsing the Internet in no time.

Maintenance Program Setup:

Computer support for Home and business in CorkWe will setup a comprehensive maintenance program and give you instructions on how to keep your computer up to date and free of Adware & Spyware. If you don’t already have an anti virus program installed, we will install one for you. Programs will be installed to prevent unwanted programs from being installed on your computer.