I went into a computer shop last week and asked the sales person for a laptop – without him asking me what I will be using it for he said this is an excellent one over here it flying out the door. I proceeded to push and ask questions and he had enough to wing it but really did not have a clue! – he tried to sell me a Dual Core laptop with 8 gigs of ram and made out the 8 gigs would change my life! That would have been like driving a Fiesta towing a large trailer full of store and the ram would be the shiny wheels!!
Bottom line in our online store the products we sell are products we would buy for ourselves and be happy to sell to family and friends. We will always check with the customer what their usage would be over the next few years so they can select a product that is best for them.

We Sell Products Like – Computers, Laptops, iPad iPhone and smartphone parts for the DIY people out there * if we do not have something you are looking for contact us and we will try to source it.

We also repair all makes and models including Apple. We have sooo much experience in removing virus & malware its depressing. Oh and we are just a 30 second drive from Costa!

Thank you for purchasing our Groupon offer –  We are so excited to have you as a customer – Regards John Paul Hegarty

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